Self Ticketing

Self Ticketing

Using the GXS smart Parking App, you can control and issue parking charge notices to unauthorised vehicles parking on your land.

The whole process is in 3 steps

  1. Register your land with us by completing the form below.
  2. We will erect some simple clear signage on your land totally FREE of charge.
  3. Dowoload our GXS parking App from the Apple App store or Android store, and start taking control of your land.

For every contravention you send we will send the vehicle keeper a Parking Charge notice via post. For each ticket that we succesfully enforce against we will send you a £10 Commission Fee.

Register for Self Ticket

Complete the fields below, and press send, we will post out your DIY signage and fitting instructions  within 10 days.

Lease Holder
Management Company
Yes I would Like to Receive £10 Commission
No I woud not like to receive £10 Commission

Enforcement you control.


“Mrs Val S, Excellent easy system,the app is extremely simple very useful”

Val S.


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