Operating under Contract law

If a driver parks on your land and you have displayed legally audited warning signage correctly, then the driver is entering into a contract with you. If the rules of this contract are broken then the driver is in Breach of contract.


It is important to remember a parking charge notice is issued to the driver of the vehicle. However in any case where the driver does not make payment liability will fall on the registered keeper of the vehicle under Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.


If a driver parks at a car park that GXS manage they enter into a contract with GXS. The terms and conditions of this contract are displayed on clearly on legally audited signage, this ensures that the parking charge notice is fully enforceable in court.

Issue of Charge

All GXS charges are issued on the basis of breach of contract.

Failure to pay the charge

If payment of the charge is not received then the details of the driver will be passed to a debt recovery agency where additional charges may be added, if further refusal to pay the charge is encountered then court proceedings will be sought.